The Learning Resource Centre

Visite pédagogique sur le site des Éparges avec Nicolas Czubak, membre du service éducatif du Mémorial de Verdun. © Mémorial de Verdun

An educational visit to Les Éparges, with Nicolas Czubak, member of the Learning Ressource Center. All rights reserved.

This section of the website is designed to help teachers prepare for their visit. It includes all the details they require (practical information, documents for downloading, contacts etc.).

Every year, the Verdun Memorial Museum welcomes thousands of schoolchildren from across Europe and the museum has very close ties with the French Education Department. The Learning Resource Centre, which enjoys strong support from the Inspection générale d’histoire-géographie and the DAAC (Délégation académique à l’éducation artistique et à l’action culturelle), is well-known for its programmes and events. More and more of them are based on a multidisciplinary approach.

The museum set up its Learning Resource Centre in the 1970s. Nowadays, the Nancy-Metz Education District seconds two teachers to the museum and they work here in addition to their work in schools in Lorraine:
• Jérôme Dumont, French and History teacher, senior high school level
• Nicolas Czubak, History and Geography teacher, junior high school level

Digital App

In partnership with Canopé network

8-12 years

Application numérique Reporter de guerre à Verdun

Digital App“Verdun War reporter”.

From May 2018, the Verdun Memorial will offer the “Verdun War reporter” app for primary school pupils to use when visiting the Memorial. Using this “serious game” type app for iPad, pupils can take the role of war correspondent. During their visit, they will meet a variety of imaginary or historical characters, stemming from the comic strip « Les Godillots » (© Olier & Marko-Bamboo Edition), who will help them learn about the Great War and understand the exhibits in the Memorial’s display cases.

Tablets are available at the Memorial.

Guided tours

Various offers are available for school groups:

• Guided tour in Verdun Memorial Museum + Special-interest visits to Les Éparges
• Guided tour in Verdun Memorial Museum + The Open-Air Museum
• Guided tour in Verdun Memorial Museum + Visits to Les Éparges + The Open-Air Museum
• Guided tour in Verdun Memorial Museum + Thematic workshops in the Classroom


Guided tour in the museum + Special-interest visits to Les Éparges Guided tour in the museum + The Open-Air Museum Guided tour in the museum + Visits to Les Éparges + The Open-Air Museum Guided tour in the museum + Thematic workshops in the Classroom*
PRICE PER SCHOOL PUPIL €6.50 €6.50 €6.50 €4
FREE One leader per group of 10 school pupils

* For thematic workshops, a rental fee of €50 / hour is included. See the page The Classroom.

You can also organize a school trip on your own for you and your pupils, or use the services of a tour operator to help you plan the outing.

The team will be organising workshops for primary teachers (contact IA-Meuse) and secondary teachers.

The team also takes part in educational exhibitions organised by Canopé Meuse. Primary teachers can meet one of the teachers at such exhibitions to find out what activities are available.