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Verdun from yesterday to today

In this third MOOC, the University of Lorraine and the Verdun Memorial look at the physical, social and political reconstruction of France in the interwar period, in a Europe remodelled by the peace treaties of the Great War. Verdun occupies a special place in this process. The memory of the battle, deeply embedded in French society, has evolved over the generations and among those involved. At the end of this First World War centenary year, what meaning do the commemorations hold?

MOOC 2018-2019, 1st session : 11 November – 23 December 2018

Registration free but compulsory, 16 July to 13 December 2018
on the “France Université Numérique” (FUN) platform

Verdun 1917-1918: forgotten battles?
French, German and American troops in the torment of war

MOOC 2017-2018, 2nd session: 14 May – 25 June 2018

Registration free but compulsory, 21 February to 15 June 2018
on the “France Université Numérique” (FUN) platform

Did the Battle of Verdun really come to an end in late 1916? Did the Lorraine front fall quiet in 1917 and 1918? How did the year 1917 mark major shifts in diplomacy, in the internal politics of the warring States and in the way the war was fought? Who were the figures responsible for these shifts? What were the imperatives that they faced? What were the repercussions of all these upheavals on how the war was fought in the Verdun area up to the Armistice on 11 November 1918? Find out more

The second MOOC session is now closed.

In the Footsteps of Soldiers at Verdun: 1916-2016

Want to know more about the hell that was Verdun? Why did the German Staff decide to launch an offensive? Why such a relentless battle? What were living conditions like on the battlefield? Why is the Battle of Verdun seen as such a symbol of the horrors of the First World War? Why does it hold such a special place in Franco-German history? Find out more

The third MOOC session is now closed.

This session is available in French and German only.

The second MOOC session is now closed.

The first MOOC session is now closed.

Dépôt de Pioniere (sapeurs) proche de l’étang de Vaux. Collection Mémorial de Verdun.

Pioniere (sappers) depot near the lake in Vaux. Verdun Memorial Museum Collection.

As part of the commemorations marking the centenary of the Battle of Verdun, Verdun Memorial Museum wanted to design a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). It has done so under the patronage of François Cochet, university professor. The course focuses on the latest academic historical discussions on this significant event in the First World War and outlines the progress made in scientific research.

Although open to people of all ages and all backgrounds, the MOOC has been developed jointly with the University of Lorraine and designed mainly for French school pupils in Years 9 and 11 who are studying the Battle of Verdun. However, it will appeal equally to teachers, parents and anybody interested in this period of history.

The lectures are open to all. Registration is free but mandatory.

There are two sessions a year, one in May and the other in October/November.

Here are all the lectures, as well as a wide selection of documents and course tests.
Certificates will be issued at the end of each session.

For the moment, the MOOC is available in French only, with German subtitles.

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